• Aquahunters Makahiki

    Aquahunters enters into our 9th season of the MAKAHIKI Kayak Fishing Tournament, an eight-month progressive tournament.

    We invite you to enjoy the ride and watch our Aquahunters athletes here on Aquahunters.com. We will be posting monthly updates here and on our forum.

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Makahiki 2016 Rules

1: Team members DO NOT have to fish with their partners.

2: For this season it will be ok to mix your fish if you need to for better scoring opportunities. This will be permitted if:

  a:both team members fish in the same area in that same day

  b:both team members fish the same day but in different areas

3: Points will be awarded for fish species and weight.

4: Teams will use one thread and will add points scored together.

5 :Each teammate will be alloted 40 fishing days.

6: A maximum of five fish may be reported per day. (see points sheet pdf) 

7: All DLNR rules and regulations apply. Violators may be disqualified.

8: All entrants are required to carry a VHF and PFD.

9: No motorized kayaks allowed unless stated by administration.

10: No mothershipping or jetski assisstance this is only pure paddling/peddling/sailing

11: All fish must be caught using Rods and Reels or handlines.

12: All Aquahunter Hui Waa, and other island tournaments may count towards your fishing days. 

13: Assistance may be used only in landing* fish but not for fighting them.

14: If help is given in the fight, then you will be awarded only half the points.

15: The person who assisted may be awarded the other half of the points.

16: Points for state and Aquahunters records must be verified at qualified locations. 

17: You must claim on land and not on the ocean. Fish must be caught on day or days of event.

18: No photo, no points. No excuses, if you forget and cannot get the picture, it will not count.

19: A photo including you and your catch together is required with the tournament sponsors card.

20: Contestant must be a Aquahunters forum member.

21: No fishing within 100 yards radius of another kayak angler purposely, you must first radio in   for permission to fish closer than the permitted distance. If you are denied do not paddle up!

22: Must be a Hawaii state resident.

23: You must be willing to promote the tournament using our tournament placard and hashtags.

24: See page 2 for scoring, weight, and claing days.


*landing: using a kage, gaff, hand, or other instrument to secure your catch

also putting your catch in or on your kayak


48 hours to report catches

This season you will have to report your catches within 48 hours of your claim. If you cannot do so either report to one of the designated members or your catch will be disqualified. Also you will still be responsible for posting up the picture and scoring soon after. I will be taking volunteers for the mass text please.


Fish pictures

For all fish caught and killed to be claimed, we will need a picture including yourself (face). I need this for all our Makahiki pictures and its good practice for continually satisfying our sponsors.


Beach claims

Beach claims should try to be made on the forum first, if you cannot connect then text the tournamnet committee

Beach claims need to be reported to a third person that is not your partner on the water for the day.

I will be setting up a mass text that at least 3 of the committee will be able to receive at any time. If you beach claim but not to the text your catch will not count.

If you are unable to text (1),  you may call and leave a message with me (2), or you may post on social media (3). 

You must be on the beach and not on the water to make a valid beach claim.


Weighing and documenting 10 pound fish

For fish right on that 10 pound limit we will be doing things a bit different, you must understand that ALL scoring UKU and PELAGIC fish around 10 will be under close scrutiny. To avoid anyone getting offended, YOU WILL NEED TO take a quick video of your fish on the scale from head to toe including weight. I know it sounds like a headache but it will keep us from doubting and accusing anyone of dishonesty. Remember its only for 10 pound fish example: 10.1, 10.2, 10.3…ect.

Discrepancies will be reviewed by the administration.

Cheating or lying may result in disqualification and/or banning from the tournament.


There will be no tolerating of inconsiderate fishing. No anglers are allowed to come within a 100 yard radius of another Makahiki contestants fishing lines. A request to approach via VHF is required before entering another anglers fishing space.

For the sake of safe fishing and good sportsmanship, we will respect all anglers by using these boundary guidelines. If you are unable to follow this rule your day as well as your season may be potentially disqualified!