• Aquahunters Makahiki

    Aquahunters enters into our 9th season of the MAKAHIKI Kayak Fishing Tournament, an eight-month progressive tournament.

    We invite you to enjoy the ride and watch our Aquahunters athletes here on Aquahunters.com. We will be posting monthly updates here and on our forum.

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Aquahunters Makahiki 2016 Kayak Fishing Tournament

Aquahunters Makahiki kayak fishing tournament, the eight month test of endurance, tenacity, strength, angling knowledge and intelligence, stands above all other kayak fishing tournaments. It is unrivaled throughout the world, as one of the longest, most grueling tournaments, held in some of the most intense conditions any kayak fisherman can imagine.

The Conditions 

 The unique offshore waters of the Hawaiian Islands, with shifting currents, winds and ocean swells, will challenge even the most experienced waterman. The targeted species, including offshore pelagic fish like tuna, ono (wahoo), mahimahi and billfish, require the kayak angler have a knowledge of the different habits of these fish and the different techniques and methodology for varied ocean conditions. The Makahiki tournament has consistently produced impressive catches and Hawaii anglers hold many kayak fishing world records, with many more sure to fall in the near future. Add in a rich cultural history of pursuing big fish from small boats and one of the largest online kayak fishing communities, it is clear why Aquahunters athletes are some of the most respected in the world. 

The Format

This year our tournament will feature two-person kayak fishing teams, partners can fish together or solo. Teams have 8 months to fish 40 days (each) their total comibined points will determine the winning teams. This is a progressive online tournament and kayak fishing teams will claim their fishing day on the Aquahunters Forum prior to going out. At the end of the day the teams will take a picture and post their reports on their tournament thread on the forum. They must report within 48 hours, othewise it will be considered a white-wash (no catch day). 

The Athletes 

Our kayak fisherman are considered the best atheltes in the world when it comes to extreme kayak fishing. Many are our atheltes are sponsored kayak fisherman with kayak fishing world records.  We are an invite only sports league and will be focusing on developing our athletes in order to create greaterr opportunites for them on a professional level.

Global Exposure

Over the years the Aquahunters Makahiki has steadily grown in scope and notoriety, as kayak fishing in general has done worldwide, but with the increase of Aquahunters global media reach because of work like Pacific Warriors on Discovery, 2016 we have seen wider brand exposure. Many of the shows stars will be competing in this seasons competition. The same fans thats watched Pacific Warriors are looking forward to following their favorites athletes during the Makahiki competition through social media in 2016.

The Invite List

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